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App for that...

Tweetdeck died a week ago and I’m a sad panda. I know, I know, I can just log in to it via the web, which is exactly what I’ve ended up doing, but after a week of using the web-version I’m already noticing that it’s just not as responsive. My notifications will randomly stop updating for long periods of time. The various columns I have may just skip tweets entirely. I’m never quite sure that F5 actually flushed everything out…

Sure, this isn’t the end of the world, but I do find that more and more of the services I use completely forego any native application on Desktop, in favour of the web, and it’s kinda infuriating.

Firefox is slowly crumbling into a heap, which is painful to watch. Tweetdeck - on the latest Firefox - eats at least 1.2gig of Ram. Earth gig. It’ll make my little X1 carbon blow harder than me after 20 minutes of five-a-side. Everything gets hot. Shit slows down. Any why? Because it doesn’t make business sense to keep an Adobe Air application in lock-step with the web version? Why the fuck do I care about Tweetdeck on the web, beyond the fact that Twitter deems itself a webservice? It’s not usable on mobile. It’s barely usable on Firefox. Chrome kinda works with it, but the whole point was to have a desktop app that provided a deeper level of integration into Twitter for its ‘power users’.

So yeah, thanks for that.

What happened to people writing good desktop applications? The web never has, and never will, be able to deliver the same response and resource usage as native applications. That’s why the web lost on mobile. Web apps eat battery and cruise through data-caps. Even with HW accelleration of the whole stack, I can’t see it getting to the point where a gabillion-line Node app will beat the Swift based equivalent. So what, just because I’m on a PC I shouldn’t give a fuck about the 2 GIG being chewed through by one tab on my Web Browser?!