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Kodi box...

Kodi Box

Just wanted to give a shout out to the fine chaps at PC Specialist, who put together this lounge PC for me. Since dropping the AppleTV I’ve been running various little Chinese ARM based boxes. None of them were great, and all of them were under powered, so I promised myself that I’d just sort it out properly and build a mini-PC.

I spent quite a while searching around for the parts to build it myself, but PC Specialist ended up being cheaper. Boggles the mind… But this is a lovely machine: Asus Mini-ITX, strapped to an i5, GTX730 & SSD, housed in a Fractal Design Node 202 and it’s completely silent, so perfect for the lounge.

[The only slight niggle is that PC Specialist logo they glued to the case, which kinda ruins the black lines. It’s also a degree or two wonky, which trips my OCD every time I look at it. Ggngng :D]

As for the machine itself: I’ve installed Ubuntu (of course) and it’s running the latest Kodi, so I’m finally getting DTS-HD pass through to the amp, which none of my streamers (even the AppleTV) have ever really managed properly. Apologies to next door!

Anyway, hat tip to PC Specialist. That’s a quality build for a stupidly low price, go check them out.