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New home...

Back in the mists of time, before Soundcloud and Mixcloud, there was a little website called Mixdepot. This was the first place I’d found that actively encouraged DJs to upload and share their mixes. There was a lot of friendly rivalry between the members on the site, as the download counts where public, people got to rate the mix and the site used to track the daily top five members. Myself, DJ Kira, Vinkalmann and a host of others regularly tried to out do each other, and for a few years, it was a great way to get some exposure.

The Wayback Machine has a pretty in-depth set of snapshots for it.

I kinda owe a debt to, as without it I probably wouldn’t have started the RK2 Podcast (in all its forms), and I definitely wouldn’t have met the people that lead to my residencies on StreamFM, or Frisky Radio. Its demise is a bit of a sordid story of buyouts, politics and piss-poor attempts at monetising those of us that made the place great. A shame, but such is the internet.

What I’ve wanted since I started this whole ‘net DJ thing is a proper host that will archive my mixes. I’m fairly prolific and I’ve been mixing for a long time. I don’t want all the stuff I’ve done to rot away on my harddrive. I want people to be able to discover the same music that I love. The podcast was great at getting stuff out - feedback from it was always amazing, people would tell me how they’d used some of the mixes at their wedding party, or how stuff had affected their lives in some positive way - but it was always about the ‘now’, not a record of what had been.

Obviously I’ve tried Mixcloud and Soundcloud, and they’ve kinda partially got me where I want, but there’ve always been takdowns and some sites are better than others when it comes to discovery. It’s a bit shit when half the mixes from a residency are missing… But finally, I think I’ve found a site that ticks all the boxes:

There’re a lot of DJs on there, it’s friendly and active, but more importantly, it doesn’t seem to be blocking my mixes or removing anything. As of today, this is the first time I’ve been able to host ALL of my mixes in one place. That’s made me strangely happy. Fingers crossed that it lasts.

So yeah, hats off to those guys. I’ve paid my Pro dues and I’ve spent the day importing everything from Soundcloud, as well as going through each of the collections looking for missing mixes to upload. There’re >230 online now, all of which should be downloadable.

I hope you enjoy falling down the rabbit hole of old music…