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Turns out locks work...

Some cheeky scalley fuck had a pop for my bike.


Fortunately I had it locked, albeit with a cheapo lock that I got form Biltema. Turns out it was good enough.


I think I must have wasted a fair bit of their time. But they weren’t going to give up that easily. They moved one building down and grabbed the bike with the quick-release front wheel.


But obviously, they’d need a wheel if they were going to get home with it….


Bikes and wood seem to be fair game in Finland. Finns seem to help themselves. Chopping wood takes a fair bit of effort, and for whatever fucking reason, Bike’s cost their own weight in gold. Mine’s now tucked upstairs on the balcony. Unlucky, you little scalley-thieving-fuck. I hope Franken-bike collapses and you break your neck.