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"4k Gaming"

Posted: 15 January, 2017

!Guild Wars 2 at 4k

I decided to buy a 4k monitor "for work" - honest, Next Game is targeting 4k - so I've been having a lot of fun pushing my Steam library through it. The Nvidia GTX1080 is utterly fucking amazing. I can basically run every game I own, at 4k, at 60fps. And most of the time on Ultra settings.

I can't recommend this setup enough, and the fact 8k is around the corner has me salivating. If you're even remotely considering upping your rig for 4k, just do it. It looks stunning.

Click the image for a quick shot of Guild Wars 2 at 4k. That does 60 on my rig <3

The big question now is whether to sit out the 4k upgrade on the TV and wait for 8k to roll around. My AV AMP only handles 1080p, and it was pricey, so any TV upgrade means replacing that, as well.

More reasons that I'm glad I jump to PC gaming...