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Spotify Playlists

I have a love hate relationship with Spotify. Don’t get me wrong, I love music, but I also love the hunt for it, the feel that you’ve uncovered some gems, and the ceremony around listening to them. For a long time Spotify didn’t even have half the music I listen to – some of us actually deviate from the big 5 labels for our jollies – so its catalogue has taken a long time to grow on me. 100 million shit songs is just a mountain of shit, not an opportunity to mine for gold. And then there’s the whole arse backward compensation to the artists issue…

But my biggest problem is that Spotify prefers to flatten the world of music into a series of dull-as-piss playlists. Order barely matters, the album is dead, the DJ mix is no more. Just piles and piles of songs, devoid of context until you shuffle them, or click through to find the album. iTunes started this trend and it’s balls, yet it can kinda work. I loved Rdo, with it’s tiny little music collection, for one reason; it’s auto-play system worked. It could offer me up a non-stop revolving selection of artists that I liked, and that had some sort of musical link to each other. I found loads of good music through that. And now I’m stuck with Spotify’s Discovery Playlist, which over the course of several months has spiralled itself to, well, fuck knows where, but certainly not somewhere I get excited to be.

So I thought I’d compound the problem and share some playlists. I’ve done a quick scan of the tracklists from a bunch of my DJ mixes and pushed them through Spotify’s API to see how many of the songs are there. Turns out to be roughly 50%, which is better than nothing.

For your background listening pleasure: