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"Going Green..."

Posted: 22 December, 2018

The not so eagle eyed of you -- those that still use RSS feeds and haven't unsubscribed from this blog -- have probably notice that this wee blog of mine has been dying on its arse for the last year or so. That's partly down to me being busy, but also a conscious effort not to constantly stray into political rantings over Brexit.

As a Brit that was -- at the time -- living abroad, Brexit cast a long shadow. At worst it would prevent me from living and working in my country of choice. At best, well, there was no best.

As it turned out I had other reasons for leaving Finland and heading back to the UK, but that's not made me feel the impact of Brexit any less keenly. I still work in Finland, and it's a place I want to spend as much time in as possible. Friction-free, and ideally, with my rights intact.

I'll set my stall out now. I'm a federalist. I believe the UK should be a federation. I'm, largely, anti-capitalist. I don't think the system, or the corporations it spawns, are the best we, as a species, can do. But yes, I have my own company and I work within the system as best I can. I believe in the co-op, over the company, and try to work with people on that basis where I can. I don't believe the EU is perfect, but I do believe it's the best construct we currently have within the larger context of countries surviving in a capitalist world. I also believe the EU should be a federation, and that, until then, and until the monetary union also goes as far as being a debt union, the EU project will always falter. But it will survive, and at its heart it is a social democratic entity.

So obviously, as someone that lived abroad for more than five years, I deeply value the EU, and in particularly, freedom of movement, which is why it pains me so deeply to hear the current rhetoric from our main political parties. I have, basically, given up on Labour -- in its current guise -- while its so myopically determined to treat immigration as a vote winner. It was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.

I'm also quietly shitting it about climate change. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I understand just enough about what's going on to be very scared indeed. To that end I'm trying to get by without a car, I'm eating less meat, I'm much more religiously recycling, and doing what I can to make the house a bit more energy efficient. None of which will be enough.

Anyway, this is all a meandering way to clear my throat a little, try and avoid having to talk about Brexit here, and tell you all that I've joined the Green Party. As a Labour voter who feels the party no longer represents me, or my views, it's refreshing to go through the Green's pledges and see they had so much in common with my world-view. And Caroline Lucas is one of the few leaders that's spoken any sense over the last couple of years.

I am part of the 48%, and when we leave the EU I will work, in what ways that I can, to help us re-join. Until then, I'm feeling pretty happy about adding my voice/cash/skills to the Greens in the hope it makes the tiniest bit of difference to the biggest issue facing us all.