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"Ring Fit"

Posted: 19 May, 2020

I have a history with fitness products on console. At the good end, Wii Fit, which was basically the "Crunching Game Developer" workout kit. Having a late one, again? Too much pizza, again? Why not squeeze a session in on a Sunday morning, before heading back in to the Studio? Probably saved me from a heart-attack, that.

At the other end (yeah, there is something worse than crunch) is Nike+ Kinect Fitness... Where Ruffian, like everyone else, was drowned in the bubbling kool-aid of "Kinect". In our case, as we tried to help Sumo make a fitness game for Nike. What a fucking pile of shit...

Ring Fit, on the other hand, is not shit. Despite the name (ahem).

If you're like me, with a body-temple finely tuned to anything but pilates, then you're going to find that Ring Fit delivers a pretty good workout. It's focused around an RPG "adventure" mode, but honestly, ignore it. It's fun, but the real meat is in the pre-determined sets that are tucked away in the Quick Play section.

There's a set for each muscle group, and each set averages about 10 minutes. Do 2 or 3 of these a session, and work you way through the lot over the course of a week and you've got yourself a pretty solid, ready-made program that'll last a fair while. I had to jump up to hardcore, but they've each made me work up a sweat with higher difficulty levels for me to grow into. (So an immediate improvement over WiiFit, which was blatantly too easy, even on the hardest difficultly level...)

Even better, it's possible to take bits and bobs from the existing sets, along with the mini-games from the Adventure mode, to make custom workouts. Which is handy, if you want to avoid having to do 14 planks...

I admit, I was pretty sceptical about the whole thing, but I'm not likely to step inside a gym for another year so I figured it was worth a punt. And it was. It's got the usual Nintendo-levels of polish on the software side, but more importantly, the Ring provides plenty of resistance... No one wants an easy ring...

So yet again, Nintendo come up trumps when I'm struggling to get off my tubby programmer-arse. All for the cost of two months gym membership! Woo!