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"Buckwheat Pillows"

Posted: 20 June, 2020

I've had a hard time sleeping since I moved back to the UK. Thought it was down to any number of reasons and quickly got to the point where I'd try any old voodoo in the hope of grabbing a few hours of quality, deep sleep. I finally pinned it down to my changes in nictotine, but along the way I did come across something pretty amazing: the Buckwheat pillow.

This is without doubt one of the most counter intuitive things I've come across, a pillow stuffed with hard, buckwheat hulls, instead of lovely soft whatever. You'd think it would be lumpy and uncomfortable but it's the complete opposite. When you put these pillows into a position they just stay there. They don't slowly compress, they don't get hot. They mould themselves into a perfect shape around your head and... just stay there. And bizarrely, this makes them super comfy... It's like your entire head and face are supported, instead of just a bit of it, somewhere.

I go to sleep on my front, which took a little adjustment, but after a night or two everything about this just clicked. I'm spending far less time faffing about trying to get comfortable, my neck and shoulders hurt less. Everything has been a win.

I read somewhere that the Japanese swear by these pillows. They're called Sobakawa (I think) and there're a lot of people selling variants. I got mine from the fine people over at Wheaty Bags and they were cheap as chips.

Highly recommended.