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"OLL 2022"

Posted: 12 April, 2022

I found myself at the Norfolk Showground, last weekend, for OLL22. The first videogame convention setup by

You never know what to expect at these things. For me, it was an opportunity to meet online friends for the first time, grab a curry, and spend a couple of nights talking Amiga, Demoscene and random garage at the bar.

But the event was great!

Some really interesting stalls, lots of hardware -- the vast majority of which was available to play on -- and most importantly, there was room to move. It wasn't over subscribed, which felt just about right, if you're covid conscious like me.

I didn't catch many of the panels, but from what I saw it was the usual mix of streamers and podcasters... again, what you'd expect. But a big shout out to the Norwich Amiga Group, who not only had a cracking stand, but looked after us all weekend.

OLL22 did a lot of things right -- impressively so for a first show -- and I'd definitely go again next year. The crowd was super interesting, and the stalls had my wallet twitching throughout.

Definitely one to put on your radar! I met Good People.